Easy Fitness Tricks for the Workplace

So it’s a new year and I’m sure, like everyone else, you have losing weight or getting back in the gym on your list of 2014 resolutions. The biggest mistake people can make is pushing themselves too hard too fast. You have a whole year to complete this goal and you don’t want to burn yourself out right at the beginning. Since you spend the majority of your time at work, why not start there.

Introduce some easy fitness tricks/swaps here and there throughout your work day and build on those. For example, I bought a stability ball online and go back and forth from the ball to a chair throughout the day at work. The longer I can stay on the ball the better of course, but I’m working on it little by little. You may feel funny sitting on the ball but when your co-workers catch wind of how much better your back feels, how your posture has improved, and your core has strengthened, they will be lining up to borrow it.

Another easy way to incorporate some fitness into your work day, every hour get up and take a quick lap around your office, or to the break room for some water. Try to make this break last about 10 minutes, if you don’t have anywhere to walk too, do some light stretches near your desk. Again, may look silly but when you don’t have the classic ailments of a desk worker you’ll be thanking me!

Lastly, check out this diagram for some easy and helpful chair yoga poses! Which is your favorite?

Chair Yoga for Work Fitness

Chair Yoga for Work Fitness


Miss Fit Nadia




Let’s Yoga It Up!

Are you a yoga fan? I am and have been enjoying its benefits for quite some time now. Not only does yoga help me center myself mentally, it has helped my center myself physically too. My coordination has improved, as well as my agility and flexibility.

After having done yoga for so long, I thought hot yoga wouldn’t be so bad. I figured it would be like doing yoga in a sauna, warm but not scorching. Boy, was I wrong. The class I attended was a power yoga and while it was hot, it wasn’t as hot as a Bikram yoga class can get.

In my power yoga class, the heat crept up on me and before I knew it I was drenched in sweat and I was literally dripping. This was a 80-minute class and I’m almost positive that this happened not even 15 minutes in. You can only imagine what it was like for the remaining 65 minutes. My tweet post class read, “Holy Sweat Gods, that was intense! But I made it through! #hotyogaisnotforsuckas” You can draw your own conclusions about that. 

Thankfully, I had prepared to be drenched and brought a towel for my yoga mat, a towel for my face, and plenty of water in with me. You can take a break anytime you want during the class and rest or hydrate. I managed to keep up and not have to take any breaks but man, was my body sore the next day. Personally, I don’t mind that because it means I worked out parts of my body that needed it. No pain, no gain right?

I can say that I enjoyed both types of yoga classes and will most certainly be attending more hot yoga classes in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll even build my tolerance enough to try out a Bikram class.

Have you tried a hot yoga class before?