Belated Motivation Monday + New Tunes Tuesday

Since I opted to share a Cinco de Mayo recipe instead of doing Motivational Monday yesterday, I wanted to make it up to you by doubling up today! So here is your weekly motivational AND a new song that has me ready for summer!

I'm definitely guilty of this but I'm working on it!

I’m definitely guilty of this but I’m working on it!



What’s your favorite new song?

Fave Five Nadia


Summer Meets Winter Fashion

Is this never ending polar vortex killing your style? Are you tired of wearing sweaters? Why not mix it up! While I’m lucky enough to live in one of the few states that never really gets cold, it still has its “winter” moments. Without tons of winter clothes to make it through this unusual weather, I decided to layer some of my summer clothes and make it winter wear. For example, today I have on:

  • Sleeveless summer dress
  • Black Blazer
  • Flats

If I lived somewhere cooler, I would add tights, scarf, and possibly boots to replace my flats. This look is not only comfortable, it cheers me up thinking of summer and is unique. This is a great way to re-purpose clothes that you once only designated for a particular season.

Not me but illustrates the idea perfectly. Feminine, classic and sophisticated wrapped in a warm bundle.

Not me but illustrates the idea perfectly. Feminine, classic and sophisticated wrapped in a warm bundle.

Another great option, she added a button up on top of the dress, under the jacket for an extra layer.

Another great option, she added a button up on top of the dress, under the jacket for an extra layer.












What’s your favorite “unusual” winter outfit?
Miss Fashionista Nadia

Dog Days of Summer..

dog summer sunscreen.. are almost over. How will you spend the remaining moments in the sun? Here’s a list of the top 5 ways we think you should spend your sun-drenched days.

  • Beachin’ it. What better way to say goodbye to summer than time at the beach. Remember to stay hydrated and covered in SPF!
  • Buy fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market. Summer is the season for delicious fresh fruits and veggies and your local farmer’s market is the perfect source for stocking up. Enjoy some fresh corn on the cob and watermelon while it’s in season!
  • Have a BBQ. Nothing really says “summer”, like a BBQ. Grill some of those veggies from the market alongside your entree of choice. If you’re like me, white sangria is the perfect pairing for this festivity!
  • Enjoy the great outdoors. Pick your own adventure: nap in a hammock, go for a bike ride, camp out over night, pick berries or flowers, take a hike – whatever you do revel in nature’s beauty.
  • Soak up all the sunshine you can by just laying out on a blanket and waiting for the sky to turn from blue to black – watching the sun set and then stargazing. My all time favorite summer activity!

What about you? What’s your favorite summer activity?

Fave Five Nadia

Summer Means Gold!

And we’re not talking about the Olympics, although we do hope our country’s athletes bring home some bling!

I’ve always lived by the rule of thumb that if it’s summer, I’m rocking gold accessories. I don’t know if it’s all the sunshine in summer playing mind games on me, but gold just seems right. Here are a few of my favorite gold accessories:

Michael Kors Oversived Gold Watch

Etsy: Gold Ring

3-Tier Gold Necklace

What is your favorite gold accessory?

Summer Gardening Tips!

Want to spruce up your lawn and garden this summer but not sure what you should do? Here are a few gardening tips to put into practice this summer!

  • Watering: The summer heat can be deadly to your grass or flowers if you aren’t watering them frequently enough. If you have sprinklers, be sure to check that they are hitting the right areas and not watering your driveway or wasting water. This is not only great for your water bill, but for water reserves as well.
  • Plant Bulbs/Vegetables: Summer is the perfect time to plant your annuals or vegetables so that they are ready to bloom come fall. What better addition to your fall feasts, like Thanksgiving, than homegrown veggies!
  • Summer Flowers: If you live in a warmer climate, it’s not too late to plant some summer flowers. Hibiscus, daisies, birds of paradise, calla lilies, and chrysanthemums are just a few bright and beautiful flowers that like the summer heat and sunshine.

I hope these tips help you with your summer gardening, do you have any tips you’d like to share?

“Must-Have”: Nude Shoes!

You’re probably getting tired of us saying how awesome nude shoes are, but we felt the need to talk about it just 1 more time!

Personally, I have 7 pairs of nude shoes. Yes, 7.  A wedge, an open toe pump, a pair of flats, 2 different kinds of sandals, and 2 closed-toed heels of varied heel-height. What can I say – I love my nude shoes! 

In case you missed the memo on why exactly nude shoes are a must-have this summer, here it is: they make your legs look incredibly long and lean – who doesn’t want that? Not to mention they go with everything, which is perfect when you need to pack light for a vacation.

What’s your favorite type of nude shoe?

Swimsuit Friendly Cocktails

Summer is upon us! Which means so is swimsuit season, BBQ’s, and summer parties. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun, so here are some delicious, low-cal drinks to keep you looking beach-ready and the life of the party!

Skinny Dirty Arnold Palmer – 70 Calories/Serving 

  • 1 part Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
  • 3 parts Sugar-free Lemonade (Minute Maid Light)

Another great refreshing summer drink is the White Sangria recipe I shared with you a few weeks ago, and depending on the fruits you choose it can run around 90 calories a serving.

Lastly, Amanda’s Strawberry Lemonade Champagne Spritzer recipe can also be made low-cal if you drop the amount of sugar and use sugar-free lemonade.

Do you have a favorite low calorie drink recipe you’d like to share?