Make Those 2014 Resolutions Last

I hope you all had a fantastic New Years! As with every new year comes new resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. No matter what they are, here is a simple, handy list to help you accomplish them. new-year-resolutions

  • Write them down. Makes them seem more real, and permanent.
  • Keep the list visible. Laminate it and post it all over your house if that’s what you need but you should at least keep it on your phone and maybe on your fridge if your resolutions involve eating healthier, etc.
  • Start small and work your way up. Not only could this mean to start with a small, easy resolution to get that instant gratification of a quick win, but you should break your bigger resolutions down into smaller, simpler steps to help you achieve the end goal.
  • Check back as frequently as you need too. This could be as often as every week or every month, at the very least every quarter. The only way to keep yourself on track is to check up on your goals consistently.
  • Celebrate the victories but don’t lose focus. Don’t be hard on yourself, celebrate the little victories but make sure to not let it stop you from moving forward with your goals.

I hope this list has been helpful to you and that you are successful with your 2014 resolutions! Happy New Year!!

Fave Five Nadia