Finding the Right Daycare

Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t for everyone – it may not be financially feasible for your family or maybe you just need that “adult time” during the day. Whatever you choose will be the right choice for your family – but if you choose to go back to work after maternity leave, you’ll need to figure out what to do with baby during the day.

What are the options if being a stay-at-home mom isn’t an option?

  • Have a family member or friend take care of the baby – not always a likely option
  • Hire a nanny – if you can find someone you trust and it won’t break the bank
  • Find a great daycare – if you do your research, you can find a place that you’ll be really happy with – get started with your research sooner rather than later so you can secure a spot at a great place!

So you’ve figured out what daycare options are in your neighborhood – what are some things to keep in mind or ask when you visit?

  • There will probably be a registration fee – ask if it’s a one-time fee or an annual fee. Daycare is expensive and you’ll want to understand all of the applicable fees!
  • You’ll want to feel comfortable with the security policies – how do they make sure a stranger doesn’t check-out your child? Are there cameras installed in the facility? Do they perform background checks and drug tests?
  • It isn’t just about watching your child for the day, ask what the curriculum is – some daycares teach Spanish, sign language, or computer skills along with math and reading; make sure your child will receive the best!
  • The menu is important – your baby will be sticking to a diet of only milk for awhile but what about when more solid foods are getting introduced? Make sure the menu is wholesome and nutritious.

What are some other key points to consider when researching daycares?