Motivation Monday V. 3

Today’s image begs the question, one year from now what will you wish you had started today? Two of my goals for this year were to learn to sew and to re-learn French. I know without a doubt, a year from today I will wish I had started earlier. So I will. Today, I signed up for a beginner’s sewing class at a local fabric store, and I downloaded the Duolingo app to help me work on my French.


What about you?

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Belated Motivation Monday + New Tunes Tuesday

Since I opted to share a Cinco de Mayo recipe instead of doing Motivational Monday yesterday, I wanted to make it up to you by doubling up today! So here is your weekly motivational AND a new song that has me ready for summer!

I'm definitely guilty of this but I'm working on it!

I’m definitely guilty of this but I’m working on it!



What’s your favorite new song?

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Introducing: Motivation Monday

Hello Modern Marthas!!! This week we are going to roll out new, daily topics. Starting with Motivation Monday! Each Monday I’ll share a new phrase, saying, quote, etc. that I found inspirational¬†in helping me reach whatever goal I have for the week.

Whatever goal you have for yourself this week, I hope you find today’s image motivational. It certainly spoke to me and situations I’m currently going through.

good for great

What’s your favorite motivational saying?

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