Motivation Monday V. 3

Today’s image begs the question, one year from now what will you wish you had started today? Two of my goals for this year were to learn to sew and to re-learn French. I know without a doubt, a year from today I will wish I had started earlier. So I will. Today, I signed up for a beginner’s sewing class at a local fabric store, and I downloaded the Duolingo app to help me work on my French.


What about you?

Fave Five Nadia


30 before I’m 30

on-top-of-the-worldFor those of you that know me, you know that my impending 30th birthday is causing me to do a lot of inner reflection. I’ve decided to turn that into a list of things to accomplish before the big day as I’d like to be able to say I’d done or experienced them before I was the big 3-0. I have a year and a half to complete my list of 30. I’m sharing this with all of you as a way to keep myself motivated to finish the list and possibly inspire you to create one of your own. Now I won’t tell you ALL of them, but here are a five items from the list:

  • Become fluent in French
  • Learn to surf
  • Take a vacation, if even for a weekend, alone.
  • Visit the West Coast.
  • Go to Trinidad for Carnival

What are some things that would be on your list? Remember, it’s never too late to make your dreams a reality.

Fave Five Nadia