The Power of the Right Haircut

curl typesMy whole life I’ve struggled with finding the right combination of products for my hair. Having naturally wavy hair, I went through the horrors of gel and hairspray, tried mousse and creams, and while some where better than others, I just couldn’t get it quite right. That is until my co-worker told me that his wife does a haircut specifically for those with curly/wavy hair. She went through special training for it and everything. I’d never heard of such a thing! I booked an appointment right away.

DevaCurl-300x125The style of cut was called a DevaCurl cut. The stylist cuts your hair dry because as all my curly-haired ladies know, your hair changes length and texture dramatically when going from wet to dry.  As she did the haircut, she also gave me tips and advice on how I should be caring for and styling my hair. I also left with DevaCurl hair products. And, WOW! My hair went from wavy to full and curly. The transformation was amazing, it was like she had unleashed the full potential of my hair in one haircut. My hair has never been this curly and beautiful.

My advice to all Modern Martha’s, find a cut and stylist that is the best fit for your hair type and face. You will not regret it, it’s life changing!

Miss Beauty Nadia


Make That Manicure Last!

Have you tried gelish (gel) or shellac nail polish yet? In case you aren’t a frequent haver of manicures, the next time you do splurge and get one – try one of these two.

Both gel and shellac manicures are supposed to last longer than normal nail polish, and go over your natural nail. The are two differences from your end if you choose this option. One is that instead of letting your nails air dry or dry under a fan, if you opt for gel or shellac nail polish they will dry under UV lights and you’ll be good to go in under 10 minutes, with completely dry nails.

The second is when it comes time to take them off, the process is a bit more labor intensive than just wipe off the color with some nail polish remover. Typically your nail technician will have to either wrap or soak your fingers in concentrated nail polish remover for a few minutes. If you’ve ever had acrylic nails removed, the process is pretty similar.

Personally, I love changing up my nail color so I usually go with regular nail polish so that I can easily change colors whenever I feel like. But if I’m going on a trip or to an important function and I want to ensure that my nail color holds up, I would choose shellac. It’s been my experience that shellac holds up better and lasts longer than gel nail color.

What do you think, where do you land in the shellac vs. gel nail polish war?

BB Cream: What’s all the hype about?

You may or may not have heard of this new beauty craze, BB Cream. BB has a few different definition, the most popular of which is “Blemish Balm”. It is a new beauty trend hitting the western world and is used to create an even base before applying your makeup.

This cream is said to work as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. After applying it to your face, your skin should appear more even in skin tone than before and your makeup should look flawless when applied on top of it.

With all of these seemingly magical properties, I figured I had to give it a try. There are quite a few brands out there, from Garnier to Dior. Since I’m still a bit skeptical I decided to try out the Garnier version as it was more economical in price and it had 2 different skin tone creams available. Once I’ve used it a bit more, I’ll be providing more in-depth analysis on how and if it really works.

You tell me, have you tried any BB Creams? Would you?

Flaunt Those Luscious Eyelash Extensions!

Yup, that’s right – I said it. Eyelash extensions. Many of you have probably wondered about this, some of you have tried it, and I’m betting a few of you are rocking them right now!

Who doesn’t want long, full lashes? Personally, I am obsessed with mascara and never leave home without it unless heading to the gym. So when I saw a Groupon for a local business in my area that was offering a huge discount on a full set – I jumped on it! The whole process took about an hour and half since she was adding them in one-by-one for a natural look.

I’ll be honest – at first it was kind of strange since I could feel the difference, but once I got over that I was good to go! Not worrying about putting on mascara every day cut my getting ready time down by at least 5 minutes – which over the course of 2.5 months is a lot of time saved!

I’m sure you’re all wondering – are you lashless afterwards? Actually, they fell out naturally like normal eyelashes do, and didn’t take all my lashes with it when they did. Now I’m just back to where I started, no worse off.

I loved it and would definitely do it again, how about you?

Fishtail Braid

Since many of you enjoyed our Waterfall Braid post, I thought we’d take a stab at another one – the Fishtail Braid! I think that you’ll find this one to be easier than the waterfall braid so hopefully you’ll be able to easily throw this style into your hair rotation!

You start by dividing your hair down the middle into two sections. Next, take a small section from the bottom of one side and pull it over to the other side. Repeat on the second side and so on until you have reached the end!

Don’t worry, ladies – we have photos to help you along the way!

modern girl's marthamodern girl's marthamodern girl's marthamodern girl's martha

So what do you think? Easier than the waterfall braid?

Green Goodies

We’ve been talking about simple ways to “go green” in your everyday life. Today I wanted to share three of my favorite eco-friendly products with you, and maybe it will help kick start your own drive to be more Earth friendly with your purchases and activities.

1. Green Works by Clorox Cleaning Products. The same powerful cleaning associated with Clorox cleaning products, but with no chemical residue or smell. This product line is all naturally derived.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags. If you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE reusable shopping bags. They are easy to store and come in all different shapes,sizes, and patterns so you can be stylish and eco-friendly!

3. Eco-friendly Doggie Bags. If you have a dog, you know how many of these baggies you go through in one week, let alone a year. One of my favorite brands for eco-friendly doggie bags is Earth Rated, they are biodegradable and scented so I’m not sacrificing my sense of smell!

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly products?

#1 Beauty Tip: Wash Your Face!

Ladies I can’t stress it enough how important it is to wash your face EVERY morning and night. It’s so important to clean away the make-up and grit that can build up in your pores during the day and to ensure a clean slate in the morning when you are applying sunscreen, moisturizer, and make-up.

If you don’t wash your face at night you’re allowing the dirt to build up in your pores that can trigger skin irritation and acne breakouts. No one wants that! This goes for women and men, and whether or not you wear make-up – grime from the day builds up on all of us.

Taking those 5 extra minutes every morning and night will lead to healthier, softer, clearer skin.

What is your favorite face wash?