Fashion Friday: Midi Rings

Midi RingsHave you jumped on the midi ring train yet? What’s stopping you? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – midi rings are rings that are designed to stop above the knuckle on your fingers.

This is probably one of my favorite accessory trends right now, it’s so fun to layer a bunch of different rings together and decorate your fingers. I found most of my midi rings on Etsy for under $7 for sets of 3 or more. I will say as a person that doesn’t normally wear rings, it felt strange the first few times, but now I forget that they are even on. My favorite right now might have to be creating the chevron design with multiple rings.

What’s your favorite midi ring?

Miss Fashionista Nadia


Summer Meets Winter Fashion

Is this never ending polar vortex killing your style? Are you tired of wearing sweaters? Why not mix it up! While I’m lucky enough to live in one of the few states that never really gets cold, it still has its “winter” moments. Without tons of winter clothes to make it through this unusual weather, I decided to layer some of my summer clothes and make it winter wear. For example, today I have on:

  • Sleeveless summer dress
  • Black Blazer
  • Flats

If I lived somewhere cooler, I would add tights, scarf, and possibly boots to replace my flats. This look is not only comfortable, it cheers me up thinking of summer and is unique. This is a great way to re-purpose clothes that you once only designated for a particular season.

Not me but illustrates the idea perfectly. Feminine, classic and sophisticated wrapped in a warm bundle.

Not me but illustrates the idea perfectly. Feminine, classic and sophisticated wrapped in a warm bundle.

Another great option, she added a button up on top of the dress, under the jacket for an extra layer.

Another great option, she added a button up on top of the dress, under the jacket for an extra layer.












What’s your favorite “unusual” winter outfit?
Miss Fashionista Nadia

Summer Means Gold!

And we’re not talking about the Olympics, although we do hope our country’s athletes bring home some bling!

I’ve always lived by the rule of thumb that if it’s summer, I’m rocking gold accessories. I don’t know if it’s all the sunshine in summer playing mind games on me, but gold just seems right. Here are a few of my favorite gold accessories:

Michael Kors Oversived Gold Watch

Etsy: Gold Ring

3-Tier Gold Necklace

What is your favorite gold accessory?

“Must-Have”: Nude Shoes!

You’re probably getting tired of us saying how awesome nude shoes are, but we felt the need to talk about it just 1 more time!

Personally, I have 7 pairs of nude shoes. Yes, 7.  A wedge, an open toe pump, a pair of flats, 2 different kinds of sandals, and 2 closed-toed heels of varied heel-height. What can I say – I love my nude shoes! 

In case you missed the memo on why exactly nude shoes are a must-have this summer, here it is: they make your legs look incredibly long and lean – who doesn’t want that? Not to mention they go with everything, which is perfect when you need to pack light for a vacation.

What’s your favorite type of nude shoe?

Sling Purses

Sling bags are one of our “must-have” accessories for summer – and for good reason! They are cute and totally functional. Sure, i love a great clutch or shoulder bag, but let’s be honest, ladies … don’t you just love to have a bag that you don’t have to worry about carrying?

If you’re anything like me, you tend to have large purses and then fill them with things you probably don’t need to carry around. It can be such a pain in the shoulder to carry such a large and full bag around. Not to mention the fact that you’ll rarely have both hands free because you’ll constantly holding onto your purse. The sling bag allows you to carry everything you want and need and have two free hands at all times!

What’s your favorite type of purse?

Maxi Dresses

Have you been searching for the perfect summer outfit that is both stylish and comfortable? The maxi dress is the answer to your prayers!

Don’t know what a maxi dress is? Really it’s exactly what it sounds like – the opposite of a mini dress. Take a mini and make it long and flowing and you have a maxi! This is one of my favorite trends for this season because it is so chic with all the comfort of your favorite pair of sweats… and how often do you come across a fashion trend that can promise both?

And don’t worry, ladies, just because it is a long dress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking sexy. These dresses may cover up your legs, but can still be incredibly sexy. Go for a maxi with spaghetti straps (or go strapless) to show off your arms and shoulders. Keep in mind – a classy and sexy look doesn’t show off everything all at once! It’s best to choose one feature and highlight it. Let your man’s imagination do the work sometimes and enjoy this fabulous fashion find! You will surely fall in love with it!

Have any of you already fallen in love with the maxi dress?

Statement Jewelry

Do you keep hearing the phrase “statement jewelry” and wonder what all the fuss is about? Well, all the fuss is because statement jewelry is the perfect way to jazz up any outfit and show off your personal style. You can apply this theory to any part of your outfit really (sunglasses, shoes, handbags, etc!), but let’s be honest, ladies – couldn’t we all use a little more glitz and glam in our lives?

So what’s the secret to making statement jewelry work for you? My suggestion is to not overdo it! You don’t want to make 10 contradicting statements all at once. Choose more subdued clothes (e.g., plain t and jeans, solid colors, etc) and then pick out a great necklace (or ring or bracelet or whatever you prefer!) to be the focal point of your outfit. It’s called statement jewelry for a reason – it will be the first thing people notice!

Don’t be afraid to let your jewelry do the talking sometimes! People will be sure to take notice and you’ll be sure to feel great about how you look.

What is your favorite piece of statement jewelry?