Relationship Sanity

Okay, admit it, ladies – we’ve all been there. You just started a new relationship and you’re already letting your crazy show. Guys don’t know how to deal with the crazy – especially before they’ve created a real emotional bond with you. So, my plea to all the ladies out there is to just try to take a breath and relax!

If you put too much pressure on a relationship right out of the gates, you could likely scare your man off. No guy wants to go out with a girl and realize after a couple dates that he’s got a bonafide stage 5 clinger on his hands. Don’t play games, but don’t let him think he already owns the whole farm! If he doesn’t have to work for it, he’s not going to respect you. And without respect, this relationship is going nowhere, fast.

As for letting your jealous side come out to play, I would highly suggest that you don’t. Honestly, you can’t watch your man 24/7 and you can’t stop him from straying. Trust your gut – if you thought he was nice enough to date, then don’t just assume that he’s cheating on you every chance he gets.

Last, but not least, don’t ever assume you can change a man. I wouldn’t expect any of you to let a man come into your life and change everything that makes you, you – so why shouldn’t it go the other way, too? Healthy relationships are about compromise and accepting someone not just for their great qualities, but for their flaws as well.

What are some of your tips for relationship sanity?


Texting vs. Calling

Not sure when a text just isn’t sufficient and a call is needed? Let us help you figure it out!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that actual phone calls have gone by the wayside and texts have become the main mode of communication. But that doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be in every situation.

Here are a few occasions where a call should be made instead of a text:

  • Anything-related to work: that should need no further explanation, put your professional pants on and call when it relates to work – texts are not appropriate here.
  • Dating: When you are getting to know that special someone, actual conversations are of the essence – which can only properly happen in person or via phone call. Too much can be misinterpreted via text and misunderstandings are not what you want to have in the beginning when you’re laying the groundwork for a potential relationship.
  • Arguments: or any important discussion that requires a back and forth conversation should ideally be done in person but when that’s not an option – than a phone call is the next best thing.

Am I missing anything? When do you think a call is warranted over a text message?

Dating in a Social Media Age

Sure, the internet and social media has made meeting people easier. But has the ease of sharing with your friends made you overlook common dating rules and boundaries?

First things first. Do not share a play-by-play of your date, or dating life for that matter! You may think its sweet to share how “in love” you are, but I guarantee none of your ‘social friends’ agrees. Some things are meant to be just for you, and those special moments with your guy? Those are the things I’m talking about.

In this age of social media and over sharing, lines are being crossed and most of the time its to the detriment of your relationship. For example, after a first date – do you run home and friend the guy on Facebook if you haven’t already? DON’T DO IT.

Unless you were friends before, hold off friend requesting him on social sites – get to know him in REAL LIFE before seeing the person he claims to be on social networks. Think about, the girl you appear to be on Facebook, isn’t necessarily the girl you are day-to-day. The same goes for him, build a real foundation before letting the insecurities that come with social networks into the mix.  

I’ve known one too many of my girlfriends who have cast off a perfectly nice guy because they didn’t like how he was portrayed on social sites, and never gave him a chance to find out who he really was. That’s insanity!

Or it could easily go the other way, by you taking things too fast in the realm of social media – you could scare him off from wanting to get to know you better. Studies have shown that females are way more into keeping up with social media than their male counterparts. Just because you think its an acceptable practice, doesn’t necessarily mean he does. Best rule of thumb: take it slow.

Lastly, please remember…. FACEBOOK IS NOT THE REAL WORLD. 

Do you agree or disagree?

Think Twice Before You Post Pt. 1

 Are you a social media lover? Who am I kidding – aren’t we all! The key with social media is to know when to post, and when to keep it to yourself. Over-sharing is becoming quite the epidemic and we all know someone (if we aren’t that person) that has had it affect a relationship. Either between family, friends, or a significant other. In this series we’ll discuss when to post and when to skip it. Today we’re going to talk about the do’s and don’ts of posting about relationships.

Don’t post about meeting the love of your life when you’ve just met and barely know his name.

Don’t share a play-by-play of your first date,  or relationship for that matter. No one needs to know all those details, those are special and personal moments just between the two of you. Also, that guy you were out with? Not pleased either.

Don’t post dramatic updates about the fight you’re having or ask for everyone’s advice. Not. Okay. At all. Again, this is something that is between the two of you and should be solved as such.

Don’t change your relationship status as often as you change your underwear. This is just a blatant plea for attention. And I hate to say it ladies, but a sign of immaturity. If you feel it necessary to change it that often, maybe you shouldn’t be in this, or any, relationship for the time being.

On to the good…..

Do let us know when you’re happy. Who doesn’t want to know that their friends are happy? Just keep the specifics to yourself, those moments are just for the two of you.

Hope this first installment of the series “Think Twice Before You Post” has been helpful, if not entertaining, while you navigate the social media realm. What kind of posts on social networks do you think are big no-no’s?

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