Fave Five: Tunes Tuesday

Everyone needs a pick me up during the work week. For me, nothing can change my mood like good music. Here are my fave 5 feel good picks for our first edition of Tunes Tuesday.

1. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams

2. “The Man” – Aloe Blacc

3. “Explosions” – Ellie Goulding

4. “On Top of the World” – Imagine Dragons

5. “Not a Bad Thing” – Justin Timberlake

What is currently on your playlist?

Fave Five Nadia


30 before I’m 30

on-top-of-the-worldFor those of you that know me, you know that my impending 30th birthday is causing me to do a lot of inner reflection. I’ve decided to turn that into a list of things to accomplish before the big day as I’d like to be able to say I’d done or experienced them before I was the big 3-0. I have a year and a half to complete my list of 30. I’m sharing this with all of you as a way to keep myself motivated to finish the list and possibly inspire you to create one of your own. Now I won’t tell you ALL of them, but here are a five items from the list:

  • Become fluent in French
  • Learn to surf
  • Take a vacation, if even for a weekend, alone.
  • Visit the West Coast.
  • Go to Trinidad for Carnival

What are some things that would be on your list? Remember, it’s never too late to make your dreams a reality.

Fave Five Nadia

Dog Days of Summer..

dog summer sunscreen.. are almost over. How will you spend the remaining moments in the sun? Here’s a list of the top 5 ways we think you should spend your sun-drenched days.

  • Beachin’ it. What better way to say goodbye to summer than time at the beach. Remember to stay hydrated and covered in SPF!
  • Buy fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market. Summer is the season for delicious fresh fruits and veggies and your local farmer’s market is the perfect source for stocking up. Enjoy some fresh corn on the cob and watermelon while it’s in season!
  • Have a BBQ. Nothing really says “summer”, like a BBQ. Grill some of those veggies from the market alongside your entree of choice. If you’re like me, white sangria is the perfect pairing for this festivity!
  • Enjoy the great outdoors. Pick your own adventure: nap in a hammock, go for a bike ride, camp out over night, pick berries or flowers, take a hike – whatever you do revel in nature’s beauty.
  • Soak up all the sunshine you can by just laying out on a blanket and waiting for the sky to turn from blue to black – watching the sun set and then stargazing. My all time favorite summer activity!

What about you? What’s your favorite summer activity?

Fave Five Nadia

Fave 5 Friday Tunes!

Here are our favorite Friday songs to a) get through the day and b) to get you pumped up for a great weekend!

5. Montell Jordan – “This Is How We Do It”

4. Rebecca Black – “Friday” (had to, forgive us!)

3. Rihanna – “Cheers”

2. Rita Ora – “How We Do”

1. LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

What are you fave Friday songs?

How Do You Avocado?

It’s not secret that avocados have great benefits. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out Subway’s latest commercial and avocado promotion. Avocados have antioxidants that protect your vision, good-for-you monounsaturated fats which keeps your heart healthy, and fiber to fill you up so you actually feel full. It’s a fantastic “flat-belly” food.

Sold yet? Well if you are looking for ways to incorporate avocados in your diet, here are our favorite ways to enjoy this super food.

1. Plain Jane: That’s right, eat it as is. Many people either slice it up or just halve an avocado and enjoy the natural flavor! If you want to switch it up, sprinkle just a tiny bit of salt on it for an added punch to the flavor.

2. Smeared: Try using avocado in place of mayonnaise or cheese in your next sandwich. It helps lighten the calorie content, while adding 20 vitamins and minerals to your meal. Not to mention the consistency could easily be mistaken for the goodies you replaced it for.

3. Smoothie: We’ve all seen those scary green shakes. In reality, they’re not that bad. Since they mostly contain green foods that have no distinct flavor of their own, whatever berry or fruit you add to the mixture dominates your taste buds. Mix up a smoothie of spinach, avocados, yogurt, and bananas for a snack or meal full of goodness!

4. Martini: You can either make this at home or see if your local martini bar can mix this up for you. It’s a combo of fresh lime, basil, mango vodka, rum, and avocados served ice cold.

5. Guacamole: Who doesn’t love a good guacamole? Just make sure it doesn’t have too many added ingredients and enjoy this delicious dip on your tacos, salads, or with tortilla chips!

What’s your favorite way to eat avocado?

Fave 5 “Happy Music” Songs

We all have certain songs that can change our moods from sad to happy, no matter what the situation. Here are 5 of my favorite “Happy” songs that do just that for me, every time.

5. “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

4. “Island Queen” by Sean Kingston

3. “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real

2. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson

1. “The Right Stuff” by NKOTB

Now you know mine – what are your favorite songs?

Fave 5 Summer Beauty Products

With summer around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to share our favorite seasonal products to maintain that beautiful, healthy glowing skin!

1. Moisturizer with SPF: Cannot stress it enough how important protecting your skin can be! Use it daily at least on your face, if not your entire body.

2. Blot Paper: A must-have for summer! Stop that summer “glisten” in its tracks with blot paper. Just dab it on your face to take off the shine, while leaving your make-up intact.

3. Whitening Toothpaste: There is no better way to show what a bronzed goddess you are than with perfect, pearly whites! Choose an option for Sensitive teeth if you have issues with whitening products.

4. Shimmer Lotion: With shorter hemlines in season, add a nice shine to your stems with a body lotion that contains shimmer. There are many products out there that do just that: Quench Olay Lotion, Daily Shimmer Nivea Lotion, or Jergens Soft Shimmer to name a few!

5. Moisturizing Lip Balm: Keep those lips soft and moisturized this summer season with a chapstick such as Maybelline’s Baby Lips SPF 20 Moisturizing Blam to get the desired effect!

What is your favorite summer beauty product?