DIY Flower Wall Art

Would you be surprised to hear this floral masterpiece was made of coffee filters? Yup, that’s right – coffee filters! Here’s how you can re-create it.DIY Flower Wall Art Nadia


  • Hula Hoop
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Package of Coffee Filters
  • 1 Muffin/Cupcake Liner
  • Gold Spray Paint



Remove the coffee filters from their packaging and flatten them out by laying a heavy object on top of them. For example, I used an old Dictionary to straighten them out.

While that’s happening, in a well ventilated area, lay the muffin liner on newspaper and spray with the gold spray paint from a safe distance. Make sure its covered evenly and leave to dry thoroughly.

Next, lay the hula hoop on newspaper and begin to hot glue the coffee filters to the center of the hoop and follow it all the way around. Once you’ve covered the hoop, begin to circle in and glue the next set of filters to the center of the first round. Continue to circle/spiral in until you get to the center and have nothing but a small hole remaining. This is where you will hot glue the gold muffin liner to make a center for your flower.

Leave laying down to completely dry and set. To hang, simply use 2 thumbtacks. Voila!


How did yours come out? Send me pictures!

Miss Martha Nadia



New Tunes Tuesday

Continuing our week with a new blog each day, today’s blog will share a new song I’ve discovered that I love. Today’s song comes to us from a touching scene in “The Other Woman” – I won’t spoil it for you by describing the scene but it was a beautiful moment highlighted by this amazing song. I hope you all enjoy it and that it’s able to lift your spirits today!

What’s your favorite feel-good, inspirational song?
Fave Five Nadia

Introducing: Motivation Monday

Hello Modern Marthas!!! This week we are going to roll out new, daily topics. Starting with Motivation Monday! Each Monday I’ll share a new phrase, saying, quote, etc. that I found inspirational in helping me reach whatever goal I have for the week.

Whatever goal you have for yourself this week, I hope you find today’s image motivational. It certainly spoke to me and situations I’m currently going through.

good for great

What’s your favorite motivational saying?

Fave Five Nadia