Celebrate Independence Day as Lady Liberty!

Want to celebrate this July 4th in style? With this easy DIY project you can, while being patriotic!

Picture from Blog Chica.

What You Will Need:

  • Visor
  • 11 Straws
  • Green Glitter
  • Spray Glue
  • Decorations (as you please)

First, cut 10 of the straws in descending size, but 2 of each size. You should end with 10 straws of 5 different lengths, plus your 11th uncut straw. Arrange them so that the uncut straw is in the middle and the other 10 are descending on either side of it, one of each side on either side of the middle straw. Once you have them arranged, glue the straws in that pattern to the base of the visor. In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, you will be wearing this visor upside down so that your straw crown is pointing up!

Once the straws have been properly glued to the visor and the glue has had time to dry – it’s time to decorate! If you want to go classic Lady Liberty, spray the whole thing with spray glue – then generously coat with the green glitter. If you want to get more patriotic – you can add any embellishments you want, a small flag, maybe red, white, and blue glitter – it’s really up to you!

Hope you have a wonderfully festive Fourth of July! If you try out our patriotic project – send us pictures!


4th of July Sangria

Independence Day is almost here and we’re sure that you’re on the look-out for the perfect addition to your holiday BBQ! I think that you guys are probably a little tired of the go-to angel food cake covered in cool whip with strawberries and blueberries on top to look like a flag. If you’re looking for something new for July 4th your celebration, look no further – our 4th of July Sangria is for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • bottle of white wine (any type you prefer)
  • white grape juice
  • lemon-lime soda
  • 1/4 c brandy
  • diced strawberries
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • diced red apples

Dice the strawberries and apples and add to your pitcher then add the raspberries and blueberries. Pour the bottle of wine into the pitcher and add the brandy. Next add juice and soda to taste (depending on how strong you want the sangria to be). Everyone loves traditional sangria and they’re going to love this one, too! Tasty and festive – a perfect combination!

What are you most looking forward to this Independence Day?

Flaunt Those Luscious Eyelash Extensions!

Yup, that’s right – I said it. Eyelash extensions. Many of you have probably wondered about this, some of you have tried it, and I’m betting a few of you are rocking them right now!

Who doesn’t want long, full lashes? Personally, I am obsessed with mascara and never leave home without it unless heading to the gym. So when I saw a Groupon for a local business in my area that was offering a huge discount on a full set – I jumped on it! The whole process took about an hour and half since she was adding them in one-by-one for a natural look.

I’ll be honest – at first it was kind of strange since I could feel the difference, but once I got over that I was good to go! Not worrying about putting on mascara every day cut my getting ready time down by at least 5 minutes – which over the course of 2.5 months is a lot of time saved!

I’m sure you’re all wondering – are you lashless afterwards? Actually, they fell out naturally like normal eyelashes do, and didn’t take all my lashes with it when they did. Now I’m just back to where I started, no worse off.

I loved it and would definitely do it again, how about you?

Negotiating for a Raise

Are you up for your annual review? Hoping to make some more cash-money this year? In the off-chance your company doesn’t just offer you a huge bump in pay right off the bat, here a few tips for negotiating for your raise!

  • Go in with a list of all your accomplishments from the past year. You must be prepared to show a detailed list of what you have done in the past year, what you do everyday, and why you are an irreplaceable employee. Give them a good reason as to why you deserve a raise.
  • Be confident and most importantly, KNOW YOUR WORTH. There is nothing worse than mumbling and stumbling when you are asking your company to give you more money, it does not instill confidence that you know what you are talking about. Also, if you have a particularly predatory manager, they will sense weakness and shut you down. Not cool.
  • Do your homework and find out someone in your position, in your city should be making. Use sites like http://www.payscale.com to find out the range you should be in and decide on the number that is reasonable and will make you happy to be at work!
  • Never raise your voice or use profane language. This should be a given and it will surely result in either some sort documentation against you, if not immediate firing. Kind of the opposite of what you were looking to get out of the meeting. 

Hopefully these tips will help you get that pay bump you surely deserve! Do you have any tips you can share?

Sling Purses

Sling bags are one of our “must-have” accessories for summer – and for good reason! They are cute and totally functional. Sure, i love a great clutch or shoulder bag, but let’s be honest, ladies … don’t you just love to have a bag that you don’t have to worry about carrying?

If you’re anything like me, you tend to have large purses and then fill them with things you probably don’t need to carry around. It can be such a pain in the shoulder to carry such a large and full bag around. Not to mention the fact that you’ll rarely have both hands free because you’ll constantly holding onto your purse. The sling bag allows you to carry everything you want and need and have two free hands at all times!

What’s your favorite type of purse?

Let’s Yoga It Up!

Are you a yoga fan? I am and have been enjoying its benefits for quite some time now. Not only does yoga help me center myself mentally, it has helped my center myself physically too. My coordination has improved, as well as my agility and flexibility.

After having done yoga for so long, I thought hot yoga wouldn’t be so bad. I figured it would be like doing yoga in a sauna, warm but not scorching. Boy, was I wrong. The class I attended was a power yoga and while it was hot, it wasn’t as hot as a Bikram yoga class can get.

In my power yoga class, the heat crept up on me and before I knew it I was drenched in sweat and I was literally dripping. This was a 80-minute class and I’m almost positive that this happened not even 15 minutes in. You can only imagine what it was like for the remaining 65 minutes. My tweet post class read, “Holy Sweat Gods, that was intense! But I made it through! #hotyogaisnotforsuckas” You can draw your own conclusions about that. 

Thankfully, I had prepared to be drenched and brought a towel for my yoga mat, a towel for my face, and plenty of water in with me. You can take a break anytime you want during the class and rest or hydrate. I managed to keep up and not have to take any breaks but man, was my body sore the next day. Personally, I don’t mind that because it means I worked out parts of my body that needed it. No pain, no gain right?

I can say that I enjoyed both types of yoga classes and will most certainly be attending more hot yoga classes in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll even build my tolerance enough to try out a Bikram class.

Have you tried a hot yoga class before?

Maxi Dresses

Have you been searching for the perfect summer outfit that is both stylish and comfortable? The maxi dress is the answer to your prayers!

Don’t know what a maxi dress is? Really it’s exactly what it sounds like – the opposite of a mini dress. Take a mini and make it long and flowing and you have a maxi! This is one of my favorite trends for this season because it is so chic with all the comfort of your favorite pair of sweats… and how often do you come across a fashion trend that can promise both?

And don’t worry, ladies, just because it is a long dress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking sexy. These dresses may cover up your legs, but can still be incredibly sexy. Go for a maxi with spaghetti straps (or go strapless) to show off your arms and shoulders. Keep in mind – a classy and sexy look doesn’t show off everything all at once! It’s best to choose one feature and highlight it. Let your man’s imagination do the work sometimes and enjoy this fabulous fashion find! You will surely fall in love with it!

Have any of you already fallen in love with the maxi dress?