Fave Five: Easy Eco-Friendly Tips

Everyone is becoming more eco-friendly these days and with good reason. If we don’t take care of our Earth now, what condition will it be in for our children and their grandchildren? Be considerate my Modern Girl’s and follow these tips to make it easy to swap everyday products for earth friendly goods!

Easy Tip 1: Swap out your light bulbs for energy efficient ones. It cuts down on how often you need to change them and its easier on your bill!

Easy Tip 2: Use reusable shopping bags. This eliminates the need for plastic bags which as we know is a great thing for the environment!

Easy Tip 3: Substitute paper coffee cups and water bottles for reusable containers like the ones below. Each is insulated to keep your beverage the optimum temperature and there are tons of cute designs out there.

Easy Tip 4: Carpool or walk/bike when you can and plan your errands in advance to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel emissions released. Think of all the time you’ll save!

Easy Tip 5: Turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug electronics that you aren’t using. Sounds simple enough but many of us don’t do this. This is another easy way to conserve energy while lowering your electric bills!

We hope these tips have helped you become a little more aware of the impact you each have on the future and convinced you to be eco-friendly. What are your tips for greener living?


Time’s List of Most Influential People

It has been one year since the world watched Catherine Middleton marry the long-beloved Prince William and become the Duchess of Cambridge. Sure, everyone was infatuated with the thought of a real “Cinderella story” unfolding right before their eyes… but I think it’s safe to admit that the one thing ladies around the world were holding their breath waiting for was the dress. Of course the dress is one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding (for us ladies, anyway!), but Kate’s choice was something no one could wait to see.

Kate was thrown into the spotlight because of her relationship with Prince William, but what has kept her in the spotlight has been her impeccable and always trendy style and grace! Kate’s (now) famed royal blue Issa stunner is just one iconic look that has made her a trendsetter across the world. It’s no wonder she was named one of Time’s Most Influential People for 2012. Even little sister, Pippa, was included in the list… and not just because of her derriere! Her style is equally as trendy as Kate’s and definitely deserves to be watched.

Personally, I love that these girls made the cut for 2012’s list. Their influence on women’s fashion over the last couple years has been incredible. I mean, really… who doesn’t want to look and dress like a princess?

Modern Girl's Martha Middletons

What is your favorite look sported by the Middleton sisters so far?

Modern Girl's Martha Trending Topics Amanda

Spring Cleaning Tips: Getting Organized

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious” -Marcus Aurelius 

Something about the thought of “spring cleaning” just seems so daunting to me. It helps to break things into stages because it makes things easier to tackle. But then the really important part is keeping things organized so you won’t have to go through such a big cleaning job next spring.

One area that tends to get neglected but is easily organized is the pantry. I recently organized my own pantry using a couple of baskets… one for canned goods, one for chips and snacks, one for dried pasta, etc. It is such an easy way to dress up the pantry and impress your guests… plus there’s the minor bonus of actually knowing what you have in your pantry.

Modern Girl's Martha Pantry Organizer

Setting up an organizational system for your stuff is a great way to avoid big cleanup jobs in the future… and there’s no better place to start than in everyone’s favorite room, the kitchen!

What are some of your best tips for getting and staying organized?

Modern Girl's Martha Miss Martha Amanda

Think Twice Before You Post Pt. 1

 Are you a social media lover? Who am I kidding – aren’t we all! The key with social media is to know when to post, and when to keep it to yourself. Over-sharing is becoming quite the epidemic and we all know someone (if we aren’t that person) that has had it affect a relationship. Either between family, friends, or a significant other. In this series we’ll discuss when to post and when to skip it. Today we’re going to talk about the do’s and don’ts of posting about relationships.

Don’t post about meeting the love of your life when you’ve just met and barely know his name.

Don’t share a play-by-play of your first date,  or relationship for that matter. No one needs to know all those details, those are special and personal moments just between the two of you. Also, that guy you were out with? Not pleased either.

Don’t post dramatic updates about the fight you’re having or ask for everyone’s advice. Not. Okay. At all. Again, this is something that is between the two of you and should be solved as such.

Don’t change your relationship status as often as you change your underwear. This is just a blatant plea for attention. And I hate to say it ladies, but a sign of immaturity. If you feel it necessary to change it that often, maybe you shouldn’t be in this, or any, relationship for the time being.

On to the good…..

Do let us know when you’re happy. Who doesn’t want to know that their friends are happy? Just keep the specifics to yourself, those moments are just for the two of you.

Hope this first installment of the series “Think Twice Before You Post” has been helpful, if not entertaining, while you navigate the social media realm. What kind of posts on social networks do you think are big no-no’s?

Fave Five: Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Wondering what’s hot this fashion season? Wonder no more! Here’s the breakdown of what you need to know to be on top of the fashion trends this Spring and Summer.
Pastel Colored Skinny Jeans
  • Pastels:Whether it’s in a skinny jean, flow-y top, floral print, or cardigan – pastels are in this spring and summer!
  • Mint: One of the hot colors of the season, mix and match mint with another pastel colored piece of clothing, or rock it as a nail color for a little pop of mint!
  • Coral: Arguably the #1 most popular color this season, wear it in a jean, top, maxi dress, jewelry or on your nails! You cannot go wrong with this color this summer – just don’t walk out in head to toe coral and we’re sure you’ll look fabulous!
  • Color blocking: In case you haven’t noticed so far, this spring and summer fashion is all about color – so don’t be afraid of it, embrace it! Mix yellow and blue, coral and navy, mint and white for unforgettable, fun outfits!
  • Wedges: Nothing says summer and sunshine like wedges! Rock out in a nude color wedge for endless summer legs or sport a bright hue for a brilliant pop of color to any outfit.

What are your favorite fashion trends this time of year?

Waterfall Twist Braid

When I was a little girl, my favorite hairstyle was a pretty french braid… other than a ponytail on the very top of my head, of course! That’s why I think it’s easy to understand why I am so happy for braids to be trending again. But these aren’t the braids from your childhood, ladies… these braids have some new modern flare! One of the best and (in my humble opinion) most impressive braids is called the waterfall braid. I know it sounds complicated but have no fear… there is an easier version that is just as cute!

Here’s how you do the Waterfall Twist Braid: Take a section of hair on one side of your head, separate into three sections, and do 2 rounds of a regular braid. Drop the middle section between the other two sections and grab another section from the next part of your head and drop it between the original two pieces. Twist the original two pieces around the dropped piece. Continue this pattern until you reach the other side of your head. Tie the resulting braid with a hair tie or secure it to your head with bobby pins.

If some of you are more visual learners, you’re in luck! Nadia and I put these photos and video together for you:

Modern Girl's Martha Waterfall Twist Braid Modern Girl's Martha Waterfall Twist Braid Modern Girl's Martha Waterfall Twist Braid Modern Girl's Martha Waterfall Twist Braid

The waterfall twist braid is my newest hair obsession… what is your go-to hairstyle? 

Modern Girl's Martha Miss Beauty Amanda

Looking for a Job? Here Are Tips to Make Sure You Stand Out

Looking for a jobHave life circumstances left you looking for a job? You may know how fabulous and awesome you are, but are you accurately portraying it to potential employers? I know what that can be like and I wanted to share the great tips I picked up along the way that helped me when I needed it. Use these tips and you’ll be sure to leave a great impression and hopefully land yourself that dream job!

  • Research the company and position. Possibly one of the worst things you could do is apply for a job, or walk into the interview, without knowing anything about the company or position. At the very least you should know exactly what your potential job would entail, and the skill set they are looking for, so that you can be sure to mention your relevant experience. It’s also important to do research on the company itself so that you have a better understanding of the kind of company and corporate culture you’re walking into. It may not be a good fit and it’s better to find that out sooner rather than later, and you can avoid wasting your time and theirs.
  • Personalize cover letter and resume. After you find the job listing, and do the above research, tailor your cover letter and resume to highlight what you can bring to the table for that specific position. Employers get hundreds of resumes for any single job listing – you have to stand out from the rest and address their needs and how you can fill them. Tell them why exactly they need to hire you.
  • Arrive early to the interview, but not too early. Punctuality is key. Arrive 10-15 minutes early, but no more. Remember, they scheduled a set time with you for a reason. As a person that has conducted interviews, I can tell you from experience there is nothing worse than your interviewee arriving 30 minutes early and feeling pressured to see them sooner than you expected. Most of the time your interviewers have scheduled their own work right up until the time they are scheduled to see you. Keeping that in mind, arriving late can also throw off their schedule for the rest of the day and makes you look irresponsible for not being able to plan and manage your time properly. Accidents and emergencies happen, but let someone know asap and offer to come at another, convenient time for the interviewer.Women looking for job
  • Smile, maintain eye contact, and remain confident. It’s an interview so of course you’ll be nervous, the goal is to mask it as best as you can. By smiling whenever it’s appropriate in the conversation, you’ll show just what a friendly, personable employee you can be. Maintaining eye contact helps you connect with your interviewer and build a good rapport. Lastly, remember how amazing you are and how much you could rock at this position and let them know that through your body language and how you describe your abilities. But use more professional terms of course…
  • Thank them for their time. Never end an email or interview without thanking the person reading it or meeting with you, for their time. Also, a nice touch is to follow-up the interview with an email, not a phone call, with a thank you message. Email it to anyone you’ve met and have the direct emails for, or your main contact at the company and mention the names of the other employees you met. Be sure to send it within a day of the interview. Keep it short and sweet, and to the point – they’ll appreciate it.

With these pointers, I’m sure you will shine in your next interview and find yourself gainfully employed! What’s something you did to stand out that landed you the job?